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Prayers For Life is a prayer movement established in 1998 in Medford, Massachusetts.
It was founded in response to the call of the late Pope John Paul II for “a great outcry of prayer for life.”

It began on Valentine’s Day 1998 with five local churches having a Holy Hour for Life.  The National Rosary Quilt of Prayer was initiated.  The request was that an individual pray 50 special rosaries dedicated to Our Lady’s pro-life intentions.  There is no time limit to pray them but each rosary prayed would be a special dedicated rosary over and above what one’s daily rosary commitment would be.  There are now 20 state chapters of Prayers For Life, each developing a State Rosary Quilt. Other prayer initiatives are underway as well.

The Massachusetts chapter of Prayers For Life was awarded a NCE permit by the FCC to build a FM station, WQPH 89.3 FM, in the Fitchburg/Shirley area.

Through the radio outreach, PFL hopes to raise up more prayer for the life of the unborn, the family and the Catholic Church.

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